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Sponsoring a Student-Athlete is an ongoing commitment. You will be investing in the basic needs of their development as a young adult.

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Helping Student-Athlete's pursue their dream of earning a College Education since 2001.

We know that Sponsoring a Student-Athlete gives that young person a game-plan for their future... and maybe you feel the same way too. It's not  complicated, too technical, or too time-consuming. It's a massive advantage for you and your business to start giving back and empowering your local community through supporting our youth.  With your tax-deductible contribution, student's will learn the simple techniques for creating their College Bound Game-Plan through a proprietary online learning program that also includes hands-on training from our local team of mentors.

What Student-Athletes Discover with our Programs:

  • The Best Financial Aid Resources
    We make filling out FAFSA a straightforward and easy process. We guide the students through filling out and processing the application. We help interpret the results of the application as well as show the Student-Athlete where $1000's of  hidden dollars are available to them if they are 100% Pell Qualified.
  • Life Skills Training
    Yes! The Student's 'Character' does make the difference when getting recruited! Our Weekly progress reports and evaluations keep Student-Athletes on track. One of the first lessons covers the importance and application of Time Management . These lessons teach our Students how to be proactive and focus on becoming College Ready!
  • Recruiting Insights and Strategies 
    The Student's learn, step by step, the recipe for creating a recruiting strategy. We teach them how to increase their value and become recruitable; resulting in "the Student-Athlete a College Coach wants to have on the field and a College Administrator wants on campus." 
  • Exposure to College Coaches 
    We have built the relationships and the "know-how" on how to properly promote our Student-Athletes to College Coaches at any level. The course teaches the Student-Athlete how to separate themselves from the competition as well as discover what College Coaches are really looking for.

What Others Are Saying:

Mike Higgins | Athletic Director | Coral Springs Charter

“PTRG allows student athletes to take the lead in their educational responsibilities while giving them the tools to fully understand the entire recruiting process outside of the classroom. Any student-athlete that completes PTRG will show the Character, Discipline, and Perseverance to successfully compete not only athletically, but also at the next step in their lives. In my opinion, PTRG will successfully prepare student-athletes to be ready to compete in the classroom and on the field at the collegiate level.”

Santana Melvins | Student Athlete | Class of 2016

"The recruiting game helped me understand how to view playing in the next level as a business. It gave me lessons for not only football and how to connect with colleges and their coaches, but life as well"

"In watching my son go through PTRG, I think every kid with hopes of being recruited should go through this innovative and creative platform on learning how to be recruited. My son came away from this experience with a real understanding of how to communicate with college coaches and understanding the language they speak among other essential knowledge on not only how to be recruited, but how to deal with recruits. There's no doubt in my mind that without this platform his road to being recruit ready would have been longer. Thank you for the opportunity to PTRG." - Santana Melvins Father

Vanessa D'Souza Remax & Vantage Realty | Local Sponsor

This organization has taken on the task of educating both the Students and Parents on what resources and tools are available for College. It's a no-brainer, I want to see the youth of our community become educated and go to college so they can come back and give back.

As a single mother of three, I went through the process first-hand. It was a daunting task that required hours of research on top of making sure my kids understood all of the information and applied it properly."

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These educational tools and resources will assist in their education as they complete High School, graduate College and beyond into their Career. Committing to a child is preparing them for a lifetime of achievements. This is an opportunity for you to create a relationship by encouraging the child to grow throughout the entire process.

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